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Refrigerators for office areas, fridges for meeting rooms, fridges for entry areas

For these special spaces, our standard models or our customized fridges are perfect.

In tailor-made projects, the refrigerator is designed according to customer needs with glass doors, steel doors or finishing completely hidden in the decor. The interior spaces can be divided by drawers, adjustable shelves or oblique shelves for bottles.

Vertical Opening
Vertical opening refrigerators
Drawers Refrigerators
Wine Cellar
Refrigerators for Wine – Wine Cellar
Custom refrigerators and freezer.
For Cigars
Custom Cigars Humidor

In these long years of activity, we have dealt with special projects several times, many of which have been real challenges in terms of design and production.

We tell some of them by way of example in ours News Area.

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Master Craftsman Award

Maestro Artigiano, un importante riconoscimento Veneto Siamo orgogliosi di aver ricevuto la targa di Maestro Artigiano, un riconoscimento importante che la Regione Veneto

MYS Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Frigonautica al Monaco Yacht Show 2023: Eleganza ed innovazione in primo piano Frigonautica, il rinomato produttore di frigoriferi di lusso in acciaio, è lieta

Mets Amsterdam 2023

Frigonautica sbarca ad Amsterdam per la Fiera Mets 2023 Siamo entusiasti di annunciare che Frigonautica sarà presente alla prestigiosa fiera Mets ad Amsterdam,

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